My Businesses

Like I said before I run a number of businesses in different areas. Here's a list of the businesses I run.


Extremidy was the first company I started and it was created to help startups and solopreneurs get their businesses up and running. We offer virtual assistant services and advertising portals.

Female Entrepreneurs Empowerment Group

FEEG is a networking group I created for woman in business to come together to support and build meaningful business relationships and friendships.

Lavish Vivacity

Lavish Vivacity is an online special occasion-wear shop. We sell outfits for men woman and children to wear to their upcoming special occasion.

Lux Organising

Lux Organising is a business I run with a lady called Elizabeth. Its a wardrobe management and styling business. We provide assistant to middle class professionals who want professional assistance to create a particular fashion style with the clothes they have in their wardrobes.

Connect with me

Connect with me