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Naomi Fisher

Naomi Fisher

I'm A Boss
Proprietor| Business Support Specialist| Certified Bookkeeper| Virtual Assistant

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My name is Naomi Fisher, I was born and raised in London, my mum is from St Vincent and my dad is from South America (Guyana). I grew up with my mum, but I saw my dad regularly, I have 2 brothers(1 older and 1 younger) and 1 sister (Much Much Younger)  from my dads side, and a brother and sister from mums side (Much Younger).

I am married with 4 children. My husband is a freelance photographer. We have 2 Girls and 2 boys. We live in a 3 bed flat and we don't have any pets.


I have a degree in business management and I am an ICB certified bookkeeper. I'm a Freelance Bookkeeper and I own Extremidy which is a Business Management Company and Lavish vivacity which is an online special occasions wear shop for woman, men and children.

Like my tagline states, i'm a boss. And I choose to be, thee boss, of my life.

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